100 SCP
Firewood Processor

- 52" Vertical Circular Saw
- Triple Multi-Wedge
- Powered Hourglass Feed Rollers
- Heavy Duty 3 Strand Deck
- User Friendly Joystick Controls
- New Videos
11 HPWS Splits 10 Ways

- 11 HPWS Log Splitter w/ 48" Stroke

- Built-Rite's newest firewood processor innovation!!
allowing you to cut firewood and outdoor furnace wood on the same firewood processor without losing cycle time

- 18 SCP-HP firewood processor now available with a 25" bar allowing you to cut 20" logs

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40 HP Firewood Processor
- Triple Multi-Wedge
- 68HP Kubota Diesel
- Auto-Stop and Auto-Split
- Hourglass Roll Infeed
- Std. Capacity: 22" diam x 22' long
- 3 strand live deck

  18 HP Compact Firewood Processor
- 46HP Kubota Diesel
- Multi-Wedge
- The model 11 HPWS has a 6 second cycle time producing 3 cords per hour
- Avail. Options: 10 H.P. Torq Diesel, 6,8,or 10 way wedges, Log Lifter, 5" Cylinder, Longer Stroke

- The model 24 HPWS is designed for tree services and large scale commercial firewood splitting with a 24 H.P. Engine for maximum splitting force
- Avail. Options: 33.5 HP Kubota Diesel, 8 or 10 way wedges, Log Lifter, 32" Stroke
PTO Powered
Firewood Processors

- A great alternative to the Self-Contained Units for less money
- PTO 1 Full Size Firewood Processor with production comparable to the 30 SCP
- PTO 2 Full Size Firewood Processor with production comparable to our largest Self Contained unit the 86 SCP
Cut-Off Saw (BM-16, 22)
- Set up the Blockmaster next to your splitter and you have a 2 piece firewood processor for a fraction of the cost
- BM-16 for logs up to 16" in diameter
- BM-22 for logs up to 22" in diameter
- PTO option available for both models
- Avail Options: Live Deck and 4' Feed Trough Ext.